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*What is the structure of the classes for children and how much do teachers charge per child?


Children attend 1 hour sessions up to two times per week for 12 sessions. The sessions are carried out one to one with a teacher and in person only.

Tuition is on a sliding scale $55, $70 or $85 per session.

There is no difference in the training, the price structure is to give parents options.


*What age groups does the programme work with?

All teachers work with children between the ages of 5 and 12. There are some exceptions based on the level of maturity of a child and whether they have any emotional, mental and/or educational challenges.

Each child is assessed as to their age and suitability, however, all children need to be willing and able to take part.


*Can this programme assist children who are considered to be on the Autistic Spectrum?

We have had many experiences and amazing results with these incredible children. 

The programme has the potential to assist them in many ways and certainly offers them the opportunity to enhance their senses and feel more at peace within themselves.


*Can this programme cause any harm to my child?

The children who have been through this programme have displayed and amazed us with their abilities. 

It is however important to remember that they are children and will always have their own personalities and child like behaviours. 

The programme is designed to enhance and assist them going forward in life and does not cause any harm.


*Can the children be taught online?

We are asked this question frequently and the answers remains the same, no we do not teach children online.


*Will my child/children need to attend the Academy?

Children are seen by independent teachers individually in their home location. 

The ‘Academy’ is the title of the organisation that oversees the training and ongoing support of the teachers around the World.


*Will my child start to see spirits or become psychic?

Children may develop extraordinary abilities, however, this is already a part of their natural Psyche. 

When we were younger we would have been considered to be ‘playing with an imaginary friend’.

Each child’s development is unique and it is not possible to say prior to the programme if this is likely to occur.


*Can children be taught with their siblings and/or in groups?

This programme is designed to work with children one to one. 

Children can be naturally competitive, which could hinder the growth of a child who is in the upper age bracket and/or lacks confidence.


*Can I learn this method as an adult?

The answer to this question is no, there may be a programme developed at a later date to accommodate adults. Should this happen, a notice will be placed on the Home Page.

Children are our priority at this time, we feel that by engaging them in this practice from a young age has every potential for them to remain heart centred, left/right brain coherent and offer them the best start in life.


*Is there a guarantee that my child will see with a blindfold?

We never have any expectations of any child to see.

The priority of this programme is to enable children to align with their natural abilities, to reach levels of self confidence and to believe in themselves.

Each child is unique and are taught accordingly. The programme has proven to be rewarding in many ways and has assisted children to develop even without being able to see blindfolded.


*Does this programme work with blind children?

Yes, there is every possibility that we can deliver this program to children who have lost their sight. However, we have not yet conducted a study and will endeavour to update this information when appropriate.


More Questions? Please let me know


Thank you for your interest!

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