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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are and you know what you want. 

                                                                                         ~ Lao Tzu

I am passionate about others realizing the power within and then becoming the best they can be.

Kind Words From Clients

"Patrice's gift and how she uses it as a way to guide and heal others is pure and authentic. Her warmth and intimate energy can be felt even during remote sessions via Zoom or the phone. She has on multiple occasions channeled for me profound insights and messages from beyond that have created definitive moments in my life. Moments that have guided and propelled me down the path that my soul recognizes and embraces. In short she has allowed me to serve my soul's purpose. She is without a doubt a light in this world. Her ability to heal and serve as a conduit for divine source intelligence, love and guidance is something that I will always be eternally grateful for."

Christy Ann B.

"I was blessed to have a reading with Patrice that gave me clarity and illuminated new possibilities in my work that I hadn't tuned into yet and feel so right!  She creates a very safe space and went into the messages with speed and grace, as though we were just having a conversation and others had joined in.  It was fascinating to witness how Patrice connects with such ease.  I've worked in the intuitive field for over 20 years and am very picky about who I work with in this way.  I knew Patrice would be wonderful and loved every minute of my time with her.  If you're looking for a clear, loving channel who can inspire you to your next steps, I highly recommend Patrice."

 Alicia Isaacs Howes,

Soul Connection expert,

Founder of

"We’ve worked with Patrice for over ten years.  What Patrice sees and translates into words often instantly resonates as truth and is always helpful.  If the issue(s) being discussed are difficult or compelling, Patrice is guided to offer clarity and insight.  A naturally articulate person, she has the gift of unpacking the obscure and giving examples that illuminate, leaving you feeling refreshed and encouraged. I occasionally glimpse a tiny bit of what she sees and I am profoundly touched by the respect and love infusing her readings."

Pablo & Leanne C.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a profound and full of guidance reading. I have gained many insights and answers to what is there that I need to do to receive the desired results in my life. Your beautiful being has also inspired me to trust myself and inner knowledge. Gratitude for your service."  


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