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                                                                                       ~LAO TZU


          * Welcome * Meet Patrice * 

Akashic Consultant * Spiritual Medium * Student * Guide

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to come and explore this website. If you have found yourself here you are probably following your own guidance and intuition. My intention is to support you on this marvelous  journey of awakening and discovery.

At an early age, in fact for as long as I can remember, I have experienced the World from an energetic perspective.  "Feeling" energies for me was another sense like sight, sound, taste , smell and touch. This is also the way animals and all of Nature experience the world they live in. This may be why I have always had an affinity with animals and Nature.  


It wasn't until much later in life that I realized not everyone saw and felt things in the same way I did.  Not understanding this as a child led me to spending a good many years not trusting my own experiences and my sense of  "knowing". I learned to be careful of what I said to others. Eventually, I did choose a path that led me on a journey of curiosity and discovery that still continues and for which I am so very grateful.

Discovering who you are...


There is more that is unknown to the physical world than is known.

Many of us have been remembering through a sense of curiosity, "coincidence", a feeling or a knowing that we are connected to something more than this physical lifetime, this material world.  We are in fact at our essence pure Creative Consciousness, connected to everything. This Creative Consciousness can hardly be contained in a single word but let's try the feeling of LOVE. It is not romantic love with all the baggage it brings. LOVE is the life force, the essence of all things, it is dynamic, it is nonjudgemental, it is compassionate and it is who we are, interconnected to everything. When the body dies the essence, Consciousness continues.  My personal experiences with mediumship has, without a single doubt, proven this to me.

We all possess the wisdom that is Universal Consciousness.

I am passionate about guiding others in their exploration of self, reawakening and remembering forgotten abilities, seeing themselves as a part of something bigger, Souls, Consciousness.

Achieving this brings balance, peace, joy and passion in your own life and those whose lives you touch. 

I know, it is a privilege to help to empower you in unlocking your highest potentials and abilities. I believe we all have the inherent ability to communicate with our own Consciousness (Soul) as well as many other Conscious beings.  We are all of us "Consciousness" in a physical body experiencing an ego and what it is to be human.


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